A Girl like Rome


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He puffed his cigarette one more time before answering when she demanded an answer again.

“Tell me, what was so special about that girl?”, She asked in a calm tone.

He looked at the wall and pointed toward the painting which showed ruins of Rome and said, “She painted this. And she, herself was like this.”

“Like what? The painting?”, She asked.

“No! She was like the place in this painting.”, He took another puff of smoke while answering.

“Like Rome? How can a girl be like Rome?”, She blubbered.

“She was heart-broken like ruins of Rome yet she was astonishingly beautiful just like that place. She didn’t hide her scars; instead she preserved them like a monument. Her past was painful but she made it her strength. She had this hoodoo of turning everything gut-wrenching into something beautiful. She was magical”, He said in a deep voice.

After a pause, she shot her next question toward him, “Do you still miss her?”

“No! To miss her would be too mainstream”…..“I crave her”, he answered while he stood up from the bed to get another cigarette.




चलती हुई नदी, बंद किताबों सी थी
उसकी ख़ामोशी कई सैलाबों सी थी।
मैंने रखा जिसे उम्र भर पलकों पे सजा कर
वो चीज़ मखमली ख्यालों, मदमस्त ख़्वाबों सी थी

तेरे जाने के बाद


बड़े दिनों से मन में इक कसक सी थी

अरसे बाद दिल खोल के रोया तेरे जाने के बाद

कभी फुरसत मिली तो सोचेंगे

बचा ही क्या था जो खोया तेरे जाने के बाद