A chat with a guy who tattooed my name!!

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March 13th, 2012

11:38 pm

Rohan : Hey *wishing that she’ll reply”

March 14th 2012

10 : 23 pm

Me: Hello… do i know you?? 

Rohan : I am Rohan, ME branch, batch 2009… remember?? *ohh god!! she replied!! hope she recognizes me*

Me : …..ummmm….not really….!! 

Rohan : Ohk… We were in same college….

Me : And…

Rohan : I want tell you something… 

Me : Go ahead 

Rohan: Honestly.. I still don’t have the ‘GUTS’ to accept that I confessed that on college confession page *somehow gathered courage*

Me : I think u have done now

Rohan: Kinda yes!! 🙂 *excited*

Me: Thanks for appreciation  u did in confession… and it shouldn’t be called as a confession it was your gratitude and admiration.

Rohan :  You deserved that! So need not say thanks 🙂

Me: So… what else???

Rohan : Hey don’t take it otherwise… it was really just for admiration…. i don’t have any crush on you !! *nervous*

Me : When did i say that??

Rohan: Ummm… just telling u *damn nervous*

Me : Ok…

Rohan : I have to take a deep breath and gather some confidence to tell you….

Me: Tell me …what??

Rohan : That you have an ultimate personality

Me: Thanks

Rohan: Awesome looks

Me: Thanks

Rohan: A super awesome smile

Me : Thanks * Finally smiled*

Rohan : And I don’t know why.. but..

Me : But…. ??

Rohan : My hands are shaking while typing this….

Me : Are you ok??

Rohan : Almost 🙂 

Me : so… *confused* *smiling*

Rohan : I even have a tattoo of your name *Excited*

Me : What !!!!!! *surprised*

Rohan : Just kidding *trying to handle what he did few seconds ago*

Me: Well… anything else..??

Rohan : By the way, you have a pending friend request to be approved *afraid to get blocked but still gave a shot*

Me : Is it so…??

Rohan: Yeah…for almost three and a half years !!

Me : *Friend request accepted*

Rohan : Finally….

              Thanks *filled with joy*

And chat countinued……

P.S. This story is a fiction work. Characters included are imaginary.



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