I’ll wait for you every while

I'll wait for you every while

Although you are already gone

Your essence is still in my eyes

I’m missing your deep gaze

Those took me to highs


Significance of your presence

Is consequence of my love

Declinement of your attention

Can give my little heart a shove


The moment you left

I was still, I was woken

What have you done Baby!!

See, My heart is all broken


My heart says

You will be back with the same Ring

But somewhere I’m afraid

For you, It was merely a thing


When you left me alone

You pleaded me to smile

I promise I’ll not cry

But I’ll wait for you every while




9 thoughts on “I’ll wait for you every while

  1. The strength is not letting your love go. Its the sheer pressure that U face n still wait for it. Your poem is really worthy to get in deep thoughts that never let your love go and even if it goes always keep that as a gift of life that had been bestowed to you. OIt will surely put a smile on you 🙂

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