Real b!g day : V!r speaks









“Dear diary,

does she loves me or she takes me like all others….is she also thinking about me like me dreaming about her ….ohhh god i can’t bear this any more…i just need to tell her what i feel…i can’t be just friend with her for whole life…may be she is ok with it but its killing me deep inside my heart…i want to hold her hand and never let her go…..tomorrow is last day of college…. if its will not happen tomorrow it will never happen….i need help…whom should i call…manat…naah!! she is the one…how can i ask her that how should i propose her? …damn!! I know what to do…but don’t know how to do it…poor me!!

Goodnight diary!!

” “Hello”

“hey !!! Mannat… are you??” it was nakul… roommate …my chaddy buddy 🙂

It’s manat on other side of phone…i know it but not in of condition to answer her call…you can call it pre-proposal confidence lack disorder….i was unable to sleep whole night…today is going to be the “Real big day” of my life. I am still thinking about her smile…even though i am horrified by the thoughts of telling her my feeling but still i am feeling awesome… what is happening to me…terror and delighted feeling at same time… Ohhh i am in love..!!

“hey!! nakul…where is Vir ? ” manat asked nakul “why are you answering his call?”

“He..he is sleeping…even i woke up with your call ” nakul replied.

“What the hell…you people are late on your own convo …” she said with a huh!! in her own unique style.

“Wake up saale, Mannat is calling from last 15 minutes…have a look…13 missed calls….its already 8.30″ nakul  trying to wake me with all his brotherly love…yes this is a different kind of love that you can see between guys 🙂

“O shit!!!… I am gone man…” i uttered to myself.

“Bhayiya!! what does this rose bouquet cost? ”  i asked to rose vendor .

“500 rupaiya ” he replied.

“and this rose stick??”

“20 rupaiya”

“give me one” i told him and collected a red rose from him.

At 9.30 Am

Ahh…she was sea green saree…untied hairs…and her trademark high heels…ohh !! she looked like a goddess. I was in love all over again. She was restlessly watching here and there… “Is she looking for me!!” ,i talked to myself.

“Good morning!!!”

“Morning” she replied with ‘one eyebrow up’ look.

My heart started pumping twice its previous speed.

“Looking nice in this rob ” she winked at me and  heart speed is thrice now. “Who ??? me??”…i tried to control my feelings and said  “Thanks”.

I was trying to relax my heart but all in vain . It was out of my command. Speeches were on their peak and my heart was on peak of irresistible love sensations. She was sitting next to me. Smell of her fragrance was spreading all over my mind with her words tinkling my ears. Ohhh…i love her!!! Her eyes were looking so beautiful with some strokes of kajal over lower eye lash and green eye liner over upper eye lash. it was giving her dark brown eyes a depth of sea in which i wanted to fall and collapse . She turned toward me and said something .I didn’t remember what she said because i was busy in looking into her eyes and sensing her breaths that was touching my face. she said “blah blah” and again turned toward stage. Sometimes you just want to look at someone as it gives you highly desirable gratification. How can someone look so beautiful??

As soon as we got our degree i started thinking about telling her my feelings. I always wanted to make this day special for her so i decided to ask her in front of all friends. i planned a gathering at college canteen and everyone was there in sometime. she was also there. Nakul arranged all the things.

“Today is our last day at let us share our words about each other” nakul said raising the glass.

“Mannat will start” I  said in trembling voice. I wanted to hear her before i could say anything.

“What!! me…why me??” she asked in hesitation .

“Plz say few lines that u have written recently” i demanded politely , i knew she love to fulfill my demands and she can’t deny my urge.

She started and so were my heart beats…

” ye shaam fir na hogi, ye khumar fir na honge

hogi tamaam duniya,par ye yaar fir na honge

mehfile fir sajti rahengi yuhi yaha waha

par ye saroor fir na hoga ye jaam fir na honge”

everyone was clapping on her beautiful lines but i softly whispered into her ears “You steal my heart” . She was looking confused and was in impact of my breath over her neck . “with your amazing lines…kaha se lati hai yaar” i completed my sentence to relax her. She smiled and melted my heart.

“Hey dudes and all you not so good looking ladies ” Nakul’s voice distracted me from that heavenly smile. “i am not a poet so i will say in simple words that i am gonna miss you guyzz”. He was in mood.

Now it was time for me to tell my heart out to love of my life. I was nervous, feeling breathless.

“What happened to you??… you ok  na?? ” she pampered me and i loved it.

“I want to say few lines for you mano” yes mano…thats what i call her. “Proceed” she said with a smile.

I gathered all my courage and said “you, only you, my girl know me …even more than i do… you made my world so beautiful that even humid sunny days feels like monsoon’s first rain…. I can’t imagine my world without you… you are my best friend but i can’t let you be just a friend… i want you to be mine forever ..I love you …will you be mine??”

I was looking into her eyes. She was shocked…she didn’t expected this. I pulled out a red rose out of my shirt , bend on my knees and proposed it toward her. She was quite and calm…i was almost stiffened, every passing second was killing me. “Plz say yes…i am dying” I requested with all my heart because her “yes” meant life to me .

“I will”  she took rose from my hand. “She loves me…she loves me…she is mine..yey….” my heart was pounding in joy of getting her in my life forever.

“I love you Mannat”

“I love you Viraaj”

“I am feeling like luckiest man on this earth…you made my day…you made my life…you were everything i ever wanted ” My heart wanted to speak out loud but i was enjoying the mesmerizing moments…so kept it to myself and smiled. 


3 thoughts on “Real b!g day : V!r speaks

  1. thnxx a lot GC… every story have some reflection or inspiration……
    yes i have started writing stories…but i am new to it…i am glad u liked it… 🙂

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