Real b!g day..!!


“hey !!! Mannat… are you??” voice came from other side. it was Vir’s roommate nakul.

“hey!! nakul…where is Vir ? ” I asked “why are you answering his call?”

“He..he is sleeping…even i woke up with your call ” he replied.

“What the hell…you people are late on your own convo …” i said with a huh!!

“Wake up saale, Mannat is calling from last 15 minutes…have a look…13 missed calls….its already 8.30” nakul yelled at Vir while hanging up the call.

At 9.30 Am

“Good morning!!!”  Vir screamed as he saw me at college auditorium.

“morning” i replied with you-are-late look. we took our seats as function was about to start.

“Looking nice in this rob ” i said.

“Who ??? me??”…he grinned “Thanks”.

Speeches were on their peak , Dean, HODs and Chief guest one after another…when you sit in audience these piece of words seems quite boring but we had no other options plus we were sitting in front rows so we were not supposed to sleep thats why i was being cursed by nakul and vir… so now now you must be aware of what kind of lazy friends i have…..after 35 minutes of good words they start calling our names . within 2 hours all of us were holding our degree.
Everyone was happy but there was a feel of leaving something behind. college days are no doubt best days of one’s life…and leaving your best days give you pain.All of our class decided to get together at canteen to celebrate the last day of our college.

“Today is our last day at let us share our words about each other” nakul said raising the glass filled with coke.

“Mannat will start” Vir said.

“What!! me…why me??” i asked.

“Plz say few lines that u have written recently” he requested very politely. It is the thing with guys when they want something done they all of sudden turns very elegant . i couldn’t deny.

” ye shaam fir na hogi, ye khumar fir na honge

hogi tamaam duniya, par ye yaar fir na honge

mehfile fir sajti rahengi yuhi yaha waha

par ye saroor fir na hoga ye jaam fir na honge”

Hall was full of applause as i completed my lines.

“You steal my heart” Vir whispered in my ears. I was a lil shocked with his complement but before i could have inquired he completed his sentence “with your amazing lines…kaha se lati hai yaar”.

I just smiled.

“Hey dudes and all you not so good looking ladies ” Nakul roared as he jumped on the table surrounded with guys and gals  “i am not a poet so i will say in simple words that i am gonna miss you guyzz”. His voice was high and full of excitement.

It was now Vir’s turn, he was looking nervous .

“What happened to you??… you ok  na?? “.

“I want to say few lines for you mano” Vir winked.

“Proceed” i said with a doubtful smile. What happened to him today…he doesn’t seems alright…is this rum or vodka?? i was talking to myself. When ever boys behave in this way girls think they are drunk. But there was a bigger surprise that was waiting for me. I came out of my talks as he started saying

“you, only you, my girl know me …even more than i do…

you made my world so beautiful that even humid sunny days feels like monsoon’s first rain….

I can’t imagine my world without you…

you are my best friend but i can’t let you be just a friend…

i want you to be mine forever ..I love you …will you be mine??” he completed his sentences looking into my eyes. I was stunned…froze…but he was not as he pulled out a red rose out of his shirt , bend on his knees and proposed it toward me. Every one around me was in same shock like me. After few seconds everyone came to senses and started looking at me. All of them wanted me to answer. But i was still frozen….my crush of first year, my best friend has proposed me…actually shocked because he always kept saying that i was not his type and even more shocked because the way he did it was tremendously romantic which i never expected from this guy.
“Plz say yes…i am dying” He said with even more warmth as if it was those three words that can bring him to life.

I had no choice. “i will” i accepted.
everyone was congratulating us for our real big day. And all we could do was to smile.

“I love you Mannat”

“I love you Viraaj”

We left college in evening with tons of best wishes and memories….!!!


Wanted to  know what Vir felt how he came up for Manat-

read here – Real big day : Vir speaks


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